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Keith Horwood 12:05PM
Hey can someone invite the new hire to the channel?
Jacob Lee 12:05PM
No problem, I will now 👍
Janeth Ledezma 12:05PM
So excited!
New Hire 12:05PM
joined #general
Standard Library Bot 12:05PM
Welcome to the channel ! ✨
* Welcome your Slack users with style

module.exports = async (user = '', channel = '') => {
return {
response_type: `in_channel`,
text: `Welcome to the channel <@${user}>! :sparkles:`,

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Standard Library has a line-up of great pre-built integrations for you to get started right away. Whether you want to set up a Slack application, launch a new Stripe checkout, or even send and respond to SMS with MessageBird, we can help.

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Code on Standard Library is a full-featured code editor, available directly from your web browser. It allows you to create, modify and deploy APIs without any complicated installation steps — crack your knuckles and crank out your next project in minutes. You can even try it here!

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You've been around the block — you're more comfortable in front of a terminal and your favorite text editor. No problem. Standard Library offers robust command line tooling and project management for local development.

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Our quick-start tutorials will have you building professional-quality integrations and APIs connected to your favorite services in minutes. Give one a try! We recommend Slack applications for beginners.

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See what others are building on Standard Library

Here's a sneak peek of what others are shipping this very moment. If you're not sure where to start, this might give you some inspiration! If you want to build private APIs, we support that as well — these are public releases.

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